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RAW Feature

The RAW Beauty Smoothie

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Here at the Raw Beauty studio, not only have we been busy creating beautiful products for your skin to enjoy topically – such as our Inner Beauty Mist and Essentially Citrus Bliss Mist –  but we have also been creating our signature RAW Beauty Smoothie; which has been created to support you in taking care of your body from the inside, and assisting you in maintaining your inner and outer beauty. We have formulated a nutrient rich meal-in-a-glass for you to enjoy for breakfast, or an afternoon snack, and it’s loaded with ingredients that are full of antioxidants, like raw cacao and…

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By | Journal, RAW Beauty, RAW Feature

Combining my two loves… Essential oils and rose water to create Essentially Citrus Bliss face mist. Love creating these little samples for Bec at the Soul Sister Circle events to inject inspiration for your own DIY rituals. Make sure you keep your spray bottle to reuse 🙂 There are many different ways to create a mist, all you really need is filtered water and 7 drops of your favourite essential oil !!! Photo captured by Klee Photography // Lemon Canary // Michelle Merrifield – Essence Of Living I couldn’t help but to order my favourite organic rose water from Bulgaria where…

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Shine From Within

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Carly from Holistic Life and I are so excited to announce “Shine From Within” a day dedicated to nourishing your mind, body & soul through self-love, self-discovery, ditching the toxins & connecting with like minded individuals. Within the Shine from Within workshop I’d like to welcome you on a journey of Intentional Mask Making. To be able to recognize the masks we put on ourselves daily without realizing from our inner self talk and acknowledge your true inner beauty isn’t justified by your skin type or your concerns it’s about being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out….

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Coconuts About Coffee

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I’d love to share with you my journey with the Soul Sister Circle and how I love creating samples for the events. Photo via Klee Photography For me apart of the Raw Beauty brand is all about finding wholesome, organic and natural ingredients to create beautiful rituals for your skin, which I hope inspire you to create your own Raw Beauty Rituals at home. Photo via Klee Photography This soul nourishing event with guest speaker Belinda Davidson the Queen of Charka’s, her words and her presence was captivating and nothing short of a miracle. Deciding and contemplating which sample to…

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