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I’d love to share with you my journey with the Soul Sister Circle and how I love creating samples for the events.

Photo via Klee Photography

For me apart of the Raw Beauty brand is all about finding wholesome, organic and natural ingredients to create beautiful rituals for your skin, which I hope inspire you to create your own Raw Beauty Rituals at home.


Photo via Klee Photography

This soul nourishing event with guest speaker Belinda Davidson the Queen of Charka’s, her words and her presence was captivating and nothing short of a miracle.

Deciding and contemplating which sample to create for each event is a journey in itself. When I decided to create the coffee scrub I’m on a mission to find my favourite coffee… I googled and googled and googled and googled and I’m a trust the gut kind of person and wasn’t feeling quite the vibe so I decided to leave it, let it go and hand it over to the universe to work the magic.

Literally the next day I had a client in and she was speaking about where she had been for lunch at Mavis Kitchen and she suggested to try the coffee if I ever go… Wow synchronicity at its finest. For one, I was going to Mavis Kitchen that weekend for my husband and I’s one year anniversary because we were staying down at EcOasis for the weekend and two I was after an organic coffee. BINGO! I love the journey behind a product, the ingredients and the loving energy put in and here we have my clients friend a breast cancer survivor found her soul purpose to open a coffee bean business in Brisbane because she received coffee enemas for her recovery of cancer and also has worked her whole life in hospitality and saw the importance of good quality coffee. I met with Roz from Nessun Dorma and crafted the perfect blend of ground coffee soft enough for the face and course enough for the body.

I then had already sourced my favourite organic extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil from Banaban and have been using this within the studio and at home for many years.

Later that day I had another client speak of her dad harvesting vanilla… DING DING DING! I get so excited my face gets goosebumps that’s my thing. I was feeling I needed to add something high in Vitamin B which is great in winter weather for hydrating and the skin especially in winter and viola her dad harvests vanilla and vanilla is high in Vitamin B! Yippee! Her dad is French and her mum is Japanese and the vanilla is pure no fake essence pure Japanese and French infused Vanilla. YES PLEASE!

What I hope to ignite in you is the energy put into whatever you create. I love supporting people who love what they do that energy, that passion shows in them and in what you use.

Now for the Ritual Recipe Hand made with love;

Banaban Organic Cold-pressed Coconut Oil- Apart from smelling like a coconut ruff, coconut oil is fabulously hydrating and antimicrobial. When coconut oil touches your skin it repels excess oil, dirt & makeup whilst maintaining the PH of your skin.

Nessun Dorma Organic Coffee- The love of coffee taken to the next level. Coffee promotes blood circulation, it leads to healthy & energized skin, effectively reducing the swelling of tissues & de-puffing areas of skin.

Homegrown Vanilla Beans & Vanilla Powder- The scent that relishes your senses. Vanilla helps to slow down signs of ageing & provides the skin with a dose of vitamin B which helps soothe dry skin & great used on dry lips.

To make your own Coconuts for Coffee scrub for one application use;
1 teaspoon of coconut oil solidified (hard)
1 tablespoon of coffee
1 teaspoon of vanilla powder

You can experiment to find your favourite consistency and make up more and recycle one of your juice jars and put some in and leave it in your shower or bath.

I am honored and value the presence of the energy filled room of beautiful soul sisters and so thankful for Bec the beauty she is to allow me to create and I look forward to the next event and sharing the love of these sample rituals with my online raw beauties.

Stay beautiful
Lauren xx
Raw Beauty