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Healthy skin and your Lymphatic System

By March 7, 2016Journal, RAW Health

To achieve a natural, healthy glow, it’s so important to nurture our bodies from the inside out, combining skin care with nutritious food, hydration and movement. To take this holistic approach one step further, we need to understand how other systems within our body affect the health of our skin. One of these systems is the Lymphatic System.
It’s located just below your skin. A complex highway of vessels and tissue that work to eliminate toxins, maintain fluid levels in your body and assist your immune system. It’s essentially your bodies’ drainage system. These vessels are filled with a clear fluid called ‘Lymph’, which fights germs by carrying away infection and dropping it off at various locations like your Lymph Nodes and Spleen. Here, the white blood cells fight the infection and filter out any nasties.
How does the Lymphatic System affect your skin? Your skin works from the inside out and your Lymphatic System is right there beneath your skin. If it’s not functioning as well as it should, your skin may be the one to suffer, resulting in acne, signs of ageing, thinness and wounds that won’t heal properly.
To foster a beautiful relationship between your Lymphatic System and your skin, try these 3 natural beauty therapies.
There’s nothing more blissful than a massage with a qualified natural therapist, but the benefits of this therapy stretch much further than just pure relaxation. Amongst other things, the Lymphatic System relies on our muscles to move the Lymph fluid around our body to get rid of toxins. A deep tissue massage will help increase the flow of Lymph fluid by stimulating and relaxing your muscles and flushing metabolic waste out quicker than usual.
Lymphatic drainage massage is a form of very light massage that encourages Lymph flow in the body and is also a great option for stimulating the Lymphatic System with extremely light, circular pumping movements.
Exfoliation will stimulate your Lymphatic System by increasing the blood circulation to your skin, helping to eliminate waste through your pores. Scrubbing away dead skin is a natural way to remove old skin cells and will allow your skin to breath and absorb nutrients for your body.
Dry brushing with essential oils will nourish and hydrate your skin, giving it a natural glow. It will take it back to its raw beauty, opening pores and stimulating the Lymphatic System from above. Our favourite essential oils to use are Frankincense and Lemongrass, both master healers for the Lymphatic System.
Your skin is your largest organ it is like a sponge; absorbing all the nutrients you feed it. Nourishing your skin with organic, natural beauty products is essential if you want to avoid flooding your Lymphatic System with nasty ingredients from chemically laden beauty products. Think of your beauty products like spirited tools to support your mind, body and soul.
Here at the Raw Beauty studio we only use the highest quality, organic beauty products. If you’d like to book in for an organic body treatment and treat your skin, contact the studio on 5599 3883 or 0439 781 890.

Stay beautiful,
Lauren xx