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My three favourite products to achieve luscious lashes and illuminate your under eye area ⭐

Here are my tips

It’s always important to use an eye make-up remover many people think its just a selling pitch and also many people think that it’s too many products to use.

So, first think about how delicate your eye area is compared to the rest of your face for example, here is an analogy like dry cleaning your most delicate fabric item there’s just no way you could do that.

Secondly, that is why using a eye makeup remover is so important and using an organic or natural alternative is better as it contains no parabens or preservatives and unscented fragrances so your eyes don’t get irritated. So, by using just your normal baby wipes or cleansers (some cleansers however can be used around the eyes) can stain the mascara onto the delicate eye socket and what colour mascara do we wear?! Black! Nastyyyy.

And thirdly, thats why i love organic mascara, it won’t irritate your eyes, doesn’t have any unpleasant odour and contains organic fruit pigment for it’s rich ebony color. It completely coats, thickens, lengthens the lash with every brush stroke and is also wonderfully smudge proof and water resistant. So, by having a natural alternative, it doesn’t have nasties added to preserve the product which doesn’t flood your eye area with toxins i.e helping to eliminate darkness around eyes.

And fourthly, I have an amazing eye gel it’s a fusion of Aloe Vera, Cucumber Oil and Marine Collagen to sooth and moisturise, the antioxidant powers of Green Tea, the vitamin and mineral rich Seabuckthorn Oil.

The combination of Seabuckthorn and Cucumber Oil gives this product its natural fragrance and colour. The stable nature of these natural ingredients ensures that the colour of the product will not alter over time provided that the recommended storage instructions are followed.

Now with Siberian Ginseng – Natures Super Alternative to Botox. Siberian Ginseng hydrates and tightens the skin, so as it hydrates you it flushes the toxins away from the eye area.

When I apply my eye gel always follow the occipital bone not too close to the eye as your eye fluctuates the moisture it needs and this includes your brow bone so always apply against the brow for three movements and with the brow for three movements and finish by gently pressing the temple – this is where your lymph node is and gently release the toxins to this area to be secreted.

It helps to gently stimulate the eye area by gently tapping just underneath on your occpitial bone just below your eye socket to stimulate circulation and blood flow more blood to the area more oxygen enriched so the blood doesn’t coagulate (creating darkness as its like stale blood).