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Hello my Raw Beauties,

Wow! It’s 1-2-2015 and this new month showcases ‘IMPROVEMENT’ and I’d love to share with you a magical day I could describe in one word would be SOULFUL. As I reflect on what this means to me, my soul is exposed, raw, beautiful, vulnerable, safe and full of self-love. Take the time for you to be soulful and be selfull <3 There’s no better day really then to end a month setting your intentions and going into a month to showcase them.


This magical event is called the Kinfolk Festival hosted by the ever so beaming beauty Bec from Soul Sister Circle, who had a dream and this day was a dream come true. The venue at Nobbys Creek, Attunga Park was dreamy, imagine a windy road, paddocks and hills for miles, the sun shining and BOOM the most majestic pine forest. Where we frolicked through listening to nature and capturing all senses of this moment in this beautiful pine forest.


Amongst 80 soulful connected beauties we were placed into groups and divinely I was placed in the group with the two beauties that came with me Ashlea from Glamour Coastal Living and Tara from Sea and Stone Jewellery and I was also fortunate to have Carly from Holistic Life and her beautiful mum.

eyes of love  Thank you to the beautiful Michelle from Eyes of Love Photography for capturing such beautiful moments throughout the day, especially this one of these raw beauties on Bohemian Spirit Collective mandala elephant throw.

Our first session started with the delightful Deanna from Distinctive Blooms who is so knowledgeable and taught us the meaning of each different flower we were using and how to make our very own flower crown from SCRATCH! It was so much fun and incredible to see everyone’s diverse creations with the same flowers.


flower making

tipi 3

“Most of us suffer from the brand of Impatience that puts us way ahead of where we are in the present. Practice really seeing what is around you and acknowledging your relationships by saying HELLO. ‘Mystic Mama’

We were then able to take a break and enjoy a nice fruit platter, Sol cleanse juice, a delicious meal from Yumm Box, put flash tattoos and bindis on ourselves and we received a lovely hand screen printed journal from Olive and Joy.


Seriously could this day have been anymore amazing?


We then wandered into our next tipi gathering, the music was propelling and the jewels awaiting with beautiful soul sisters Alex and Fran from Violet Gray Design, these girls are two peas in a pod and chalk and cheese their energies are compelling. We mediated and set our intentions to create our very own Violet Gray designs. I had felt ‘Voice’ was my intention and funnily enough I had chosen blue stones, which you may know connect to the throat chakra, and my feature stone you could say is Amazonite, which enhances the connection of the heart and the throat connection. We then had the confirmation of Alex personally explaining the crystals we choose and tying it all together that ultimately to not be afraid to speak my inner truths and no matter what if it comes from a place of love… this is my VOICE.

eyes of loveImage by Michelle from Eyes of Love Photography

“Adopt the mantras, ‘there is always enough time for everything’ and ‘everything happens in the right time.’ ‘Mystic Mama’

In the mists of a thunder and lightening storm our next venture was within the enchanting pine forest where we met Lauren (lovely name ;)) from Inner Hue. Her presence is captivating and Lauren took us through the gateways of our own aura field and allowed us the space to trust our own intuitions as we prepared angel and love card readings on each other. Tara and I were paired and surpriseingly choose the exact same cards and both being Pisces and like minded, Lauren said to us something that hit home maybe today you are both each others ‘responsible buddies’, keeping us on track and listening to our own bodies of what we need as the cards we picked were Physical Body and Inner Child. We couldn’t believe and even got teary of all the shuffling of the cards we pick the same cards!!! Wowee is that not divine guidance! Yes Please!

‘The main thing is your intention to improve and your trust that the right information and help will be there’ ‘Mystic Mama’

Last but definitely not least was the enigmatic Susana Frioni who guided us into a scared dance amongst nature. The way Susana connects us to the music is thrilling, it reminds me how I connect with the skin and body in my treatments. Simply reminding us we are all connected and how important it is to connect with our inner and outer selves.

forestImage by Her White Wolf

As the sun set and our hearts are full of love and excitement and in complete ore of such an awesome day, I’d like to say thank you all the beautiful ladies I have mentioned that have helped Bec create her dream come true… making dreams become reality!!


Sweet dreams my Raw Beauties… Stay Beautiful xx