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I am so excited to share this blog post with you because I am passionate about being the best possible version of yourself on inside and out, so throughout this post you will find ways to topically and internally understand what your eye area is telling you.

But first coffee, I always start my day with 100% pure Organic Coffee Eye Cream. The anti-inflammatory properties of organic green coffee de-puffs while increasing circulation to brighten dark circles. It’s concentrated with potent anti-aging vitamins, antioxidants, and nourishing rose hip oil to make the eye area look more awake and youthful. I have trialled and tested many eye creams and personally like an eye gel however this eye cream not only smells and feels divine but WORKS. So I am now a coffee addict and stock this amazing eye cream.

Now you have had your coffee fix, lets dig deeper. Not only do I see iron deficiency regularly in clients, but it’s also something I struggle with.

The more obvious ‘signs’ are dark circles in the under eye area, not just ‘tired eyes’, but an internal darkness, as well as the feeling of chronic tiredness associated with fatigue. What I found interesting is that through face mapping (see picture previous blog), where the under eye area is representative of the KIDNEYS, and through doing a little more investigation I’ve found the two are very closely linked!!

Red Blood cells carry oxygen to all the cells in our body, and the body’s cells use oxygen to convert glucose (from what we eat) into energy. The fewer Red Blood cells means less oxygen is sent to the cells. Without enough oxygen, our tissues and organs have less energy to perform their jobs (like restoration and rejuvenation). Healthy kidneys produce a hormone called ‘Erythropoietin’, or ‘Epo’ for short. When the body senses low oxygen levels, it tells the kidneys to release Epo. This hormone tells your bone marrow to make more Red Blood cells, and the more Red Blood cells in the bloodstream, the more oxygen can be transported. However, if the kidneys aren’t working to full capacity they may make little or no Epo.

The buildup of waste in the bloodstream can also affect Red Blood cells. Healthy kidneys filter toxins from the bloodstream and if there’s not enough Red Blood cells the body is unable to get rid of this waste, it remains in the bloodstream where it can shorten the lifespan of the healthy Red Blood cells.

So in turn, that’s why you see this darkening in the eye area, especially after or during that time of the month for women.
Having your Iron levels tested is as simple as visiting your GP for a blood test. I personally take FLORA VITAL, which is a liquid Iron, which is natural and no nasties and I swear by it.

I can’t wait to connect with you and chat ‘with’ your skin… oh and chat with you as well hehe 😉

Stay Beautiful my Raw Beauties xx