Gratitude for the rawesome testimonials that we receive each and every day. It is so humbling to be surrounded by such raw beauties and to help carve this path of beauty with all of YOU. Browse some of their words below;
“Describing Lauren’s treatments at Raw Beauty as transcendent and ‘beyond next level’ may seem like an exaggeration. But it really is the only way to describe her facials. Heart-led and intuitive – Lauren knows how to tap in to exactly what i need on a holistic level. She creates a sanctuary and cocoon to immerse in complete and utter bliss. My facial left my skin beaming, and any trouble spots cleared up in a matter of days. After a treatment at Raw Beauty I feel like a radiant goddess floating on cloud nine. Appointments with Lauren are a permanent fixture for me from now on. Heavenly experience + real results = TOTAL WIN.”
Carly Stephen


“It’s rare to meet someone who truly walks their talk, but Lauren from Raw Beauty is the real deal. Her treatments are luxurious, deeply nourishing and leave you feeling completely radiant, relaxed and nurtured. Lauren’s extensive passion, knowledge and experience, coupled with her genuine devotion to helping you look and feel beautiful set her miles apart. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
Rebecca Van Leeuwen | Soul Sister Circle

Bec Van Leeuwen 2

“You can always tell when someone’s found their dharma. There’s a certain geek-nerd-awesomeness about them that’s almost contagious in its beauty. When someone’s so lit up with aliveness with what they do that you can’t help but smile and admire them, and think: ‘Bloody good on you!’This is how I feel about Lauren. The first time she gave me facial, I had to hold in tears. I truly felt as though there was nowhere in the world that she would have preferred to have been, but right there with me, in her candlelit room, pampering my body, mind and soul. From that first session, I have included Lauren as part of my ‘Soul Team’ and consider her an authentic and one-of-a-kind healer.”
Tara Bliss


“Lauren is a real life angel, I am sure of it! As soon as you step into her sacred space, you are greeted with the most nourishing and kind energy. She operates with such a high level of care, intention, presence and integrity that allows you to instantly relax. Her treatments are beyond amazing and the lack of vacancies only proves this. If I could receive her love weekly, I would. Every woman deserves to feel nourished. Give yourself a gift and book an appointment – you will not regret this!”
Alexandra Olsen | Violet Gray Design

Alexandra Olsen

“I was guided to Lauren when I was making the switch to natural non toxic products for my skin. Lauren is not only professional, but has a beautiful glow around her that makes you feel instantly calm and relaxed. My skin has never looked better since switching over to natural skin care, and now I won’t let anyone touch my skin, but Lauren. Lauren is the true definition of Raw Beauty”
Carly Hicks | Holistic Life