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Let’s talk about skin

By August 28, 2016Journal, RAW Beauty

The skin is our bodies largest organ, and of course my most favourite of all. I mean, the skin is what I get to pamper and nurture for my beautiful clients, all day long, helping them to feel radiant from the inside out.

Oh, how I adore the epidermis! – I could talk about it to you for days, but I appreciate your time, so let’s get straight to the point.

The epidermis acts as a gorgeously loving protective barrier for the 5 layers of our skin. Not only is the epidermis a waterproof barrier, it also is responsible for our skin tone – so you can see why I love educating my Raw Beauties on how to best take care of this amazing organ.

The 5 layers are:

1. Stratum Corneum/Horny Layer

You know when you hear about dead skins cells, and our skin shedding every 2 weeks? Well, that’s what this layer is all about, and is the outer top layer of the skin.

2. Stratum Lucidum/Clear Layer

This second layer is only found on the thicker areas of our skin, such as the soles of our feet, and it allows the light from the sun to penetrate in to the deeper layers.

3. Stratum Granulosum/Granular Layer

You will find a really cool and important protein called Keratin in this third layer of the skin. It plays an important role, as it protects cells from damage or stress, and is the key structural component of hair and nails. This layer is a great barrier for the lower layers of the skin.

4. Stratum Spinosum/Prickle Cell Layer

Not only does Lymph pass between cells in this forth layer, but it also is the layer that is responsible for maintaining our skins moisture. It also acts as a Warrior, protecting our skin from any foreign materials. In other words – it’s got your back!

5. Stratum Germinativum/Basal Layer

This is the deepest and final layer of the epidermis, and where you will find the larger cells.

Let’s think of the 5 layers of our epidermis as though they are the like your body’s metabolism – but for your skin. We shed dead skin every 30-40 days, and as we age that rate slows down. Scary, I know!

Imagine the first layer behind the skin as a juicy grape…

Now, what happens if you were to leave it in the sun? It shrivels and becomes a raisin.

So In order to protect these upper layers, it’s imperative to cleanse, moisture and exfoliate the skin effectively to maintain fresh, plump and radiant skin just like that of a grape.

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Take care of your amazing epidermis and as always

Stay beautiful,
Lauren xx