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Oil cleansing

I know it sounds absurd right! However, it is the most effective way to cleanses your skin for all skin types. It dissolves makeup, balances skin, breaks down breakouts, calms redness and relives dry or oily skin.

HOW? Oil dissolves oil, for example positive and negative attract and positive and positive repel so it will repel the excessive oil, any makeup and dirt from your skin.

I love to use Erica Brooke divine cleansing oil which is a lovely blend and my favourite ingredient being macadamia oil infused with calendula. It is very calming, balancing and hydrating for the skin.

You can also experiment yourself, my top 3 favourite oils to use are coconut oil (Banaban is the brand I use) jojoba oil and sunflower oil. You can use these oils on there own or add in a drop of an essential oil.

I use about two pumps or one teaspoon of oil and if your wearing makeup apply onto dry face YES on top of all your make up and eye make up, let it work its magic for a few minutes then wash off excessive under water and damped a face washer with warm water and work it over your face around your eyes and repeat if necessary đŸ™‚

Enjoy oil cleansing my Raw Beauties đŸ™‚

Stay Beautiful

Raw Beauty

•Erica Brooke will launching online soon and I do have them available in store and can post out•